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Stress Relief & Intellectual Wellness at the Drexel Libraries

A guide to help you cope with stress and improve your intellectual wellness through creativity, mindfulness, and games

Drexel's Office of Counseling & Health Services

The offices within Counseling and Health support students with personal, physical, and psychological challenges that interfere with their ability to complete their academic goals. Drexel strives to educate students to embrace good health practices and offer programs and services to assist with maintaining good health, psychologically and physically.

Services include:

  • Promote and support the general well-being of our students
  • Provide health and well-being resources that enhance our students' personal, emotional, social, and academic goals
  • Promoting immunization and health insurance compliance for a healthier campus
  • Provide a full range of health services
  • Providing support services to assist with educational, personal, intellectual, professional and social recovery
  • Assist students in choosing healthy options in challenging everyday situations
  • Ensure equal access for students in an atmosphere that values, honors, and respects diversity in its broadest sense
  • Peer Counseling

Visit the Office of Counseling & Health Services website for more information and resources. 

University Resources for Students

At the Libraries, we remain committed to helping you stay connected and supported to meet your personal, academic, and career goals. We want you to know about the many campus resources and support services available to you throughout your career at Drexel:

  • Center for Learning and Academic Success Services (CLASS) has offices on the University City and Center City campuses and supports Drexel University students' efforts to achieve their academic goals through a variety of services, including academic coaching, tutoring, workshops, and events.
  • Disability Resources empowers individuals who have documented disabilities by working together proactively to provide reasonable accommodations. Disability Resources also provides education and guidance across the broad University community.
  • Drexel English Language Center offers programs and services to meet the academic, professional and personal needs of adult English language learners. The English Language Center's Tutoring and Language Support Office currently offers free, one-on-one tutoring to any Drexel student for whom English is a second language.
  • Drexel Writing Center helps all members of the Drexel community think through and develop their writing projects, primarily through one-on-one consultations with Peer Readers, Graduate Writing Consultants and Faculty Readers. They provide individualized support for writers working on any kind of writing and welcome contact at any stage of the writing process.
  • Food Resources: Drexel University offers the Feed A Dragon program and additional public resources to help support students who may be managing issues with food insecurity. 
  • Office of Counseling and Health Services provides support to students with personal, physical, and psychological challenges that interfere with their ability to complete their academic goals; educates students to embrace good health practices; offers programs and services that help students maintain good health; and functions as a resource for faculty and staff.
  • Student Emergency Fund: The SEF (Student Emergency Fund) was established to support students who are in need of immediate financial assistance due to unexpected emergency expenses. 

For more information, visit the Drexel Student Life website or visit the University's Resources for Students page.

Mental Health Resources

Here are a few local, national and global resources for mental health education, awareness and prevention. 

  • Healthy Minds Philly: Healthy Minds Philly (HMP) is an online tool and resource designed to support and improve the mental health and well-being of all Philadelphians, regardless of zip code, insurance or income status.  Intended to look and feel different than traditional government sites, HMP is a welcoming and inviting space with a full suite of wellness tools and options.
  • NAMI: National Alliance on Mental IllnessNAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. NAMI provides access to various resources such as educational materials, support groups, the NAMI HelpLine and more. 
  • Mental Health Foundation: The Mental Health Foundation is a UK based organization that provides access to resources such as mental health research studies, educational resources, public policy, and public health materials on mental health. 

Physical Health Resources

Physical health is another important component of overall health. Working on your physical fitness and health will not only add years to your life, it can also improve your mood and help prevent mental illness. 

Here are a few resources to help with your physical health: 

  • Drexel Recreation Center: The Health, Fitness, & Wellness office is committed to helping Drexel students develop a balanced lifestyle that includes an emphasis on the body, mind, and spirit. Drexel Recreation takes pride in the health and quality of life of each individual student, working to help them grow outside of the classroom. 
  • Health Programs at The Free Library of Philadelphia: The Free Library of Philadelphia offers numerous programs and events dedicated to physical health for all members of the Philadelphia community. Classes and events include free yoga classes, strength training and more. 


Scholarly Articles & Research

Read about the latest research on exercise, physical and mental health and more---all available through the Drexel Libraries!