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HMP 514/824 Policy Analysis for Population Health

Resources for researching health policy issues.

Navigating the Library

Drexel Libraries' Dragon Search (aka "The big search box on the library homepage") can be used as a broad interdisciplinary search across most of our subscribed databases and journal collections, as well as to find access to a specific book, journal article or video.

Research Resources

Searching Policy Issues in PubMed

Use the "Legislation and Jurisprudence" MeSH Subheading to focus on policy issues.  Select this subheading from the MeSH term entry in the MeSH database, or as a field search from the Advanced Search page.

CDC Policy Resources

Mapping Resources

  • Philadelphia Boundaries: PolicyMap has activated a special selection of boundaries that can be added to Philadelpha-area maps, including City Council districts, school catchment areas, and political wards and divisions. Neighborhood labels are also available -- but not boundaries because no two Philadelphia residents will ever agree on where one neighborhood begins and another ends.

Data and Surveys

News Sources

Also see all Drexel News & Newspaper databases.