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Drexel Library

Criminology and Justice Studies

Find Background Information

Start with these resources for background information to help you frame a research question, or to sharpen your understanding of basic concepts.

Searching the Libraries' Collections

Electronic Resources:

Nearly all of the Libraries' journal, all databases, and a significant number of books are available electronically.  When you choose a link to a Drexel Libraries-subscribed resources, you'll see an authentication page to verify your Drexel affiliation: use your Drexel EMAIL ID (just the initials and number, not your full email address) and PASSWORD to log in to all library resources.

Alternatively, you can set up VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to reach all licensed resources.

NOTE: Due to changes in Drexel Account requirements, you may need to set up Multi-Factor Authentication to log in.

Find Articles

Start with searching for articles in DragonSearch, then try these more specialized resources.

Find Methodologies

Find Data & Other Sources


Do you want a daily email alert for the NY Times? It's easy:

  • Use the link above to go to the New York Times database.
  • Click the little person link at the top right of the page to sign in to your My Research account (or create a new account).
  • Click "Publications" to see the options included.
  • Choose the one you want  -- probably the last option -- New York Times (Online) -- and click on the title.
  • In the gray bar, click "Set up Alert"; confirm that everything is what you want, and click "Create Alert".

Voila! you'll get an email every day with clickable links to NY Times articles!


Find Videos and Primary Sources

Mapping Resources

Resources for Writers