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GIS aka geographic info systems

"All I need is a quick map ... "

Drexel GIS Users Group

A meetup to share tips and hear from innovative internal and visiting presenters. News and event announcements are also shared via the Microsoft Teams group. Drexel community members can contact Steve Melly to get added to this list. The group is coordinated by Drexel's Urban Health Collaborative.

Weekly office hours are available on Wednesdays from 1:30 – 3:30 pm at 3600 Market Street, Room 704, or at Nesbitt Hall (3215 Market St.) by appointment.  Please contact Steve Melly, GIS Analyst for Drexel's Urban Health Collaborative, with any questions.

ESRI Site License at Drexel

ArcGIS 10.x: The leading GIS authoring, editing, and geoprocessing application that allow you to create maps, edit and manage spatial data, and perform the full spectrum of analyses needed to turn raw data into valuable information. 

ArcGIS Pro: A new 64-bit application with a contextual interface that allows faster data processing, designing and editing in 2D and 3D, and temporal analysis of spatial data. 

ArcGIS Online: A complete cloud-based mapping platform. Community Analyst Online:  A web-based tool with demographic and business data visualized in map format. 

To gain access to ArcGIS or ArcGISPro desktop software: 

Contact the Drexel IT help desk at  You'll be given an ESRI account linked to the Drexel site license. When you log on with the ESRI account you will have access to ESRI online tools and can download ArcGISPro to install on your desktop.  To do that, click on your name in the upper right of the browser, select My Settings\Licenses and scroll down to ArcGISPro.

ArcGISPro 3.0 released in June 2022 requires .NET 6, so users might need to download that from Microsoft and install it.

GIS Data Sources

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