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REFRESH Online Module

PubMed Clinical Queries Introduction

While you  may be familiar with PubMed, Clinical Queries is a specialized sub-search within this database from the National Library of Medicine. Searching in PubMed via Clinical Queries will provide you with evidence-based practice items such as case and cohort studies, randomized controlled trials, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, guidelines, etc. So, all different kinds of evidence you can use in to answer your clinical questions. 

PubMed Clinical Queries provide you with more unfiltered information, like individual trials or cohort studies, from the bottom of the evidence pyramid. Sometimes, however, you will also find filtered information. 

PubMed and PubMed Clinical Queries are free products from the National Library of Medicine, so you will be able to search them forever. If you don't already have one, we highly recommend you create a My NCBI account here. By creating an account, you will be able to save searches, set alerts, create search preferences, and much more. Your My NCBI account will also stay with you, even after you are no longer associated with Drexel University. 

Now, watch the video to learn how to perform a basic search for reviews in PubMed Clinical Queries. 

Now that you've seen how to conduct a basic search, navigate to PubMed Clinical Queries and try a search of your own. Then, come back and continue the module.