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REFRESH Online Module

DynaMed Plus Introduction

DynaMed Plus is a clinical reference tool with clinically-organized summaries for nearly 2,000 topics in evidence-based medicine. Information supplied in these summaries have levels of evidence grades. Users can also find recent updates related to their specialty of interest. In addition, a wide array of calculators are provided dealing with unit/dose conversions, clinical criteria,. statistics, and more. 

All the information in DynaMed Plus is linked back to the original articles that provided the evidence, and evidence is graded based on the quality of the study methodology and the results.

The information in DynaMed Plus is from the top of our evidence pyramid. The information it contains has already been appraised, so you don't have to appraise it yourself.

DynaMed Plus is a a paid subscription resource that you will only have access to while at Drexel. 

Now, watch the video on how to perform basic searches for evidence in DynaMed Plus. 

Now that you've seen how to conduct a basic search, navigate to DynaMed Plus and try a search of your own. Then, come back and continue the module. 

DynaMed Plus Mobile

DynaMed Plus has a mobile app that allows you to take the information of DynaMed Plus anywhere, including when you don't have access to internet. Watch the video to learn how to install the mobile app.

DynaMed Plus Updates

One of the nice features of DynaMed Plus is the ability to receive alerts when topics you are interested in have been updated. Watch the video to learn how to create your own topic alerts.

DynaMed Plus Calculators

One clinical application of DynaMed Plus is the availability of many different calculators. Watch the video to learn more about this function.