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Complementary and Integrative Therapies: Keywords and Subject Headings

Finding More Information on Complementary Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine includes many concepts and modalities.  Here are some keywords to try when searching Drexel's catalog or Databases. Many keywords fit under multiple categories.

Whole Body Medicine

Healing Systems Plant and Biological-Based Practices
Complementary Medicine Chinese Medicine Herbs
Alternative Therapies Ayurvedic Medicine Dietary
Integrative Medicine Homeopathy Aromatherapies
Holistic Nursing    
Holistic Medicine    

Tactile/Manipulative Therapies

Bio-Energy Medicine


Chiropractic Treatment Magnet Therapy Spirituality
Massage Therapy Reiki Creative Arts Therapies
Osteopathic Treatment Tai Chi And Qi Gong Body Movement and Dance Therapies
  Acupucture/Acupressure Aromatherapy