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University Archives Student Organizations and Greek Life Research Guide

Use this guide if you are interested in learning about student organizations and Greek life at Drexel University.


This page serves as a visualization of the history of student clubs and organizations at Drexel, including Greek organizations. 


The first known fraternity founded at Drexel (1900-1908), Lambda Upsilon Delta. Last known mention was in a magazine from 1908. 

Tau Rho Delta (1905-1915) is established at Drexel.

Alpha Phi is established (1909-1915)—the first frat known to have organized a campus-wide dance. 


The Lexerd (1911- ), Drexel's Yearbook as of this year, has been formed.

Alpha Epsilon Delta (1917-?), Drexel's evening college fraternity, is established.

A Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) (1918- ) branch is formed on Drexel's campus.

Women's Student Government (1918- ) is formed.


Alpha Phi Alpha (1920- ), the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity established for men of African descent at Drexel, is established. 

Omega Psi Phi (1920- ), the first Black Greek-Letter Organization founded in the United States, is established at Drexel.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) (1920- ) is formed.

Phi Delta Mu (1921- ), first sorority at Drexel, is established. 

Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) (1924- ) is created, serving as a place of communication between Greek-letter organizations and school administration.  

Kappa Delta Gamma (1924- ), the performing arts sorority, is established.

The Triangle (1926- ), Drexel's student-run newspaper, begins production.


Chess Club (1937- ) is formed.


Lambda Chi Alpha (1941-2020), originally named Alpha Upsilon Mu, is established.

Alpha Kappa Alpha (1945- ) of the Gamma Epsilon Philadelphia City Chapter is established at Drexel.

Society of Women Engineers (1949- ) is formed, creating a space and assisting in advancing female scientists and engineering students.


Students for Christ (1955- ), a student Christian movement on Drexel campus, is formed.


Afro-American Society, later named the Black Student Union (1967- ) formed. During the year of their formation, they held information sessions for African Americans who were considering attending Drexel, hosted public lectures about African-American history, and urged the administration to hire more black instructors and accept more black students. 

An organized opposition to the Vietnam War began on the Drexel campus and continued until the end of the war. In June 1967, 64 professors and 37 students signed an open letter in The Triangle, urging the United States government to step out of the war and find alternatives to bring negotiations (Page 5, June 2, 1967). 

Maya (1967- ), Drexel's literary arts magazine, starts publication.


WKDU (1971- ), Drexel's student-run radio station, begins broadcasting from the top of Van Rensselaer Hall.


The National Society of Black Engineers (1984- ) is formed to provide professional and educational resources for black engineering students at Drexel. 


The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (1992-2021) is formed to promote the development of Hispanics in engineering science. 

Malaysian Students Association (1992-?) is formed.

The Bicultural Council (1995- ) is founded, functioning as an umbrella organization for minority fraternities and sororities, promoting unity amongst these organizations. 

Alpha Epsilon Pi (1995- ), the "Only All Jewish Fraternity," is formed. 

Chi Upsilon Sigma (1997- ) is formed, the Omicron Chapter of Corazones Unidos Siempre. This sorority was titled to be "the only sorority present on campus which its members represent many ethnicities" (Lexerd 2002). 

8 to the Bar (1997- ), Drexel's all-male-identifying A Capella group, is formed.


Drexel Muslim Students Association (2000- ) is formed 

Treblemakers (2001- ), Drexel's all-female A Capella group, is formed.

Sigma Psi Zeta (2002- ), the Asian-interest sorority, is formed. 

The DAC Pack (2002- ) is formed, providing a student fan section for Drexel athletics.

TechServ (2002- ) is formed to help bridge the "digital divide."

Cultural Diversity Student Association (2003- ) is formed, providing an umbrella group for existing ethnic student groups.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association (2009- ) is formed, aimed to support Chinese international students


National Association of Asian American Professionals (2012- )