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Drexel Library

Stress Relief & Intellectual Wellness

Welcome! Here are some ideas to relieve stress and help you relax throughout the term, provided by the Drexel University Libraries.

Procrastinate on Purpose

Relax with these tools to help relieve stress and distract from daily life – even if only for a few minutes.

Create Something!

Make Some Art

Take a break and express your creativity and relieve stress with detailed and fun coloring pages. Here are some links to free coloring pages. All you need are some colored pencils, crayons, or markers.


Students can express their creativity and relieve stress by manipulating origami paper into fun and unique designs. If you don't have origami paper at home, you can make some using 8.5 x 11 printer paper.

These websites have step-by-step instructions and videos of how to make origami:

DIY Stress Ball

Make your own stress ball with four or fewer supplies that you'll likely already have around the house! This tutorial teaches you how to turn a balloon into a handheld stress relief toy.

Entertainment Station

Live Wildlife Cams:

Public Domain Movies


Nostalgia Kick

  • Have you always wanted to rewatch Degrassi: The Next Generation but never had the time? Relive every fight, dramatic scene, and marvel at how young Drake looked – all on Youtube!

  • For nostalgia's sake, re-discover the magic and hilarity of the animated teen drama from the comfort of your bed.. or your couch.. wherever! The Canadian classics Total Drama Island and 6teen are also on Youtube!