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EndNote Desktop Import Tutorials

Importing citations from PubMed

This tutorial will describe how to import citations from PubMed to your EndNote library. Before you begin, ensure that EndNote is open in the background; if you have multiple EndNote libraries, make sure the appropriate library is open. 

Select citations to download

Once you have completed your search in PubMed, select the citations you want to download by marking the boxes next to those titles.


Select the Storage Option

Next, scroll to the top of the page and select the "Send to" button. Choose the Citation Manager option from the dropdown menu.


Create the Download File

Click on "Create File" to begin the download process


Download Message

PubMed will display this message during the download process


Add downloaded citations to EndNote

If you have EndNote Desktop installed on your device, you will have an option to save your file or use EndNote to open your file.
The citations will be downloaded to EndNote's "imported references" group. Once there, you can move them to new groups.