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Biomedical Technology Commercialization

Resources recommended for creating commercialization plans.

What is a Commercialization Plan?

A Commercialization Plan describes the current competitive landscape for your innovative biomedical technology, projects future economic and competitive conditions, and outlines resource needs and describes your strategies for generating business opportunities and revenue. The plan outlines the gap your technology fills, illustrates your technology's value, and serves as a strategic roadmap toward projected success.

Commercialization Plan components

Critical components of a commercialization plan are:

  • Market analysis (customers)
  • Industry analysis (competitors)
  • Human capital (company overview, product development team)
  • Intellection property
  • Business strategy
  • Finance and economics (funding the cost of producing goods or services)
  • Production (manufacturing, supply chain)
  • Revenue stream (sales, marketing, reimbursement)

This guide features library resources that contain relevant information, streamlining the research required to create a commercialization plan.

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