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PSY 370: Forensic Psychology

Receommended resources for Forensic Psychology


To find Forensic Psychology journal articles:

If you don't have a specific topic in mind, you can use PsycINFO's Classification Codes to browse articles about Forensic Psychology topics. To search by Classification Code, simply type 4200 in the top search box, and pull down the "Select a Field" option to find CC Classification.

screenshot of classification code search in PsycINFO







Before you hit SEARCH -- look at the Limit options below the search box for Peer-Reviewed (and perhaps English!); you can also select Linked Full-text to see only APA-published articles with PDFs linked directly to your citations.


DragonSearch is "the big search box on the library homepage" that lets you search across all of the Libraries' print and online collections at once.

To find peer-reviewed Psychology articles in DragonSearch:

You'll need to start by putting in a topic or keywords to begin your search. If you don't have a topic in mind, try just forensic psychology!

Now you're going to narrow your results down to peer-reviewed Psychology journals:

  1. Look for "Preferred Disciplines" at the top of your search results. Click there, and select Psychology.
  2. From the filter options on the left side, under Show Only, choose Peer-reviewed Journals and Available Online.
  3. Under Material Type, choose Articles.
  4. If you want to see the most recent articles, change the Sort By order from Relevance to Date-Newest.

Electronic Resources:

Nearly all of the Libraries' journal, all databases, and a significant number of books are available electronically.  When you choose a link to a Drexel Libraries-subscribed resources, you'll see an authentication page to verify your Drexel affiliation: use your Drexel EMAIL ID (just the initials and number, not your full email address) and PASSWORD to log in to all library resources.

Alternatively, you can set up VPN (Virtual Private Network) access to reach all licensed resources.

NOTE: Due to changes in Drexel Account requirements, you may need to set up Multi-Factor Authentication to log in.

Browsing Forensic Psychology Journals

The Browzine app/website can be used to browse the tables of contents of journals in Drexel's online collections.

Forensic Psychology Journals in Browzine

Click on a journal cover to see the Table of Contents for the most recent issue; click an article title to open the article.

Note that some titles may have an embargo period, and articles from the latest issues won't be immediately available; just choose an earlier year/volume/issue from the list on the left.

You can also use Browzine on your phone or tablet: go to your app store and download Browzine. Choose Drexel University as your library.

With the Browzine app, or by setting up your own account on Browzine web, you can create your own customized bookshelves for quick access to the journals you like to read frequently!

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