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While article citations from Avery appear in DragonSearch, it's so much easier to search Avery directly! This is especially true for precedent research. Once you find an article citation, use Drexel Full Text to find the article (in print or online) or request from interlibrary loan.

Architecture Print Journals

In your research, you will likely find articles that are not available online. There are many architecture journals only available in print! This is a selected list of architecture journals that the library has in our print holdings.

Journals are on the lower level of the library + arranged in alphabetical order by title. If you need assistance finding an article in a print journal, contact Shannon or stop by the Assistance Desk on the main level of the library!

You might find an older article on the US Modernist Library. The US Modernist Library is the largest open digital collection of major US 20th-century architecture magazines with approximately 2.1 million downloadable pages - all free to access. Click a logo to view that publication's magazines in PDF format. 

Using DragonSearch


Use DragonSearch on the Libraries homepage to find books, journal articles, and newspaper articles.


DragonSearch filtersTo find print books in DragonSearch:

Use the filter options for Library and Location at the bottom of the left-hand column. Select WW Hagerty Library under Library, and Oversize Books and Stacks under Location.


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