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Welcome to your library guide for Architecture. Use the menu on the left to navigate through the guide to locate links to resources curated by your librarian. If you have any questions, need further direction, or would like to discuss your research from inception through the editing process, please contact your librarian, Anna. My contact information is below the menu and you are invited to email me or schedule a consultation with me as often as you need. Happy researching!

Research + Design Process

Design Squiggle Illustration for the process of research, concept, and design. We begin with curiosity, questioning, and seeking. through research we discover, evaluate content, analyze data, and through this process we find new meanings, our own ideas, possible solutions, and in the end we have create something new, whether it is an object, a sound, code, or something else.

The Design Squiggle by Damien Newman modified by your librarian, 2022.