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Social Justice Syllabus

Social Justice Syllabus

In Fall 2020, Drexel Magazine "asked faculty members who are conducting relevant scholarship to suggest one work from their area of expertise that illustrates the issues compelling calls for an end to systemic racism. Among them are professors of all races doing scholarship in justice reform, data bias, health disparities, identity and workplace discrimination, among related fields. They drew from their course material, their research or their personal readings to help us understand the moment and, hopefully, to grow from it."

Social Justice Syllabus, written by Sonja Sherwood and illustrated by Diana Ejaita, compiles the list of essays, books, movies and videos with thoughtful commentary on their importance.

Provided below are the lists of readings and other material identified by Drexel scholars, linking to the sources in Drexel Libraries' collections and elsewhere.

Edward Kim

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science • College of Computing and Informatics

Sharrona Pearl

Associate Teaching Professor, Department of Health Administration • College of Nursing and Health Professions

Bruce Katz

Co-Founder and Director, Nowak Metro Finance Lab • Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation

Jordan Hyatt

Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology and Justice Studies • College of Arts and Sciences

Brea M. Heidelberg

Associate Professor and Program Director, Entertainment & Arts Management • Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

Ramesh Raghupathi

Professor, Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy • College of Medicine

Kathleen Powell

Postdoctoral Fellow in Criminology and Justice Studies, Department of Criminology and Justice Studies • College of Arts & Sciences

Amy Carroll-Scott

Associate Professor, Community Health and Prevention • Dornsife School of Public Health

Critical Conversations in Urban Education

School of Education • Submitted by co-chairs Kristine Lewis Grant and Sherri Manson, and committee members Ayana Allen-Handy and Deanna Hill