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Medical Devices, Intellectual Property and Patents

This libguide will be useful for the students researching on medical devices; it can also be used by researchers, faculty members and students needing information on patents and inventions.


United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
The USPTO offers web access to bibliographic and full-text patent databases. These databases provide full-text of patents from 1976 to the present and full page images from 1790 to the present.

See What is a Patent?
See Anatomy of a U.S. patent

See Patent Searching Tips.
See 'What is Intellectual Property?' in Frequently Asked Questions for Inventors
See 'Manual of Patent Classification'

PATENTSCOPE:  Using PATENTSCOPE you can search 36 million patent documents including 2.2 million published international patent applications (PCT).

Fresh Patents
Provides access to the latest published US patent applications each week BEFORE the USPTO decision to
Given a patent number, will return a free, pdf formated version of the patent.

The Google Patent Search covers the entire collection of patents made available by the USPTO—from patents issued in the 1790s to present.

Medical Device Manufacturers Association - Patent Issues

The Intellectual Property Digital Library- WIPO GOLD-IP Reference Resource

WIPO GOLD is a free public resource which provides a one-stop gateway to WIPO’s global collections of searchable IP data. It aims to facilitate universal access to IP information.

See Technology Commercialization at Drexel and See Patent Policy (Re: Intellectual Property) from the Office of the Provost at Drexel University.


Bionanotechnology ebook - available from the Synthesis Digital Library

Nanotechnology Databases:  Comprehensive databases for nanomaterials, events, products,
companies, research labs, degree programs and publications. Read more: Nanowerk Nanomaterial Database

Nanodot: the original nanotechnology weblog from the Foresight Institute.

Nanotechnology related initiatives