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Higher Education Leadership

For Students in the MSHE Degree Program

Professional and Trade Associations

Professional and trade associations offer unique insider perspectives on the world of their membership with industry reports and member surveys you will not find elsewhere. Here are a few for higher education worth considering:

Still can't find your special statistic or fact? Other associations can be found from the Inside Higher Education weblinks page, or the National Forum for Teaching and Learning weblinks page, or in the Library's database Encyclopedia of Associations or the Leadership Library (which  includes corporate and political info as well).

Selected Higher Education Scholarly Journals

What if I just want to browse a few good peer-reviewed / scholarly journals that are all about higher education ?

Try some of the following:

Higher Education Navigator

Encylopedias on Education Topics

Current Awareness for Higher Education Professionals

Institutions of higher education exist in local, regional and national contexts, each with its own news publications. The following short list works for Drexel University's context. Other universities will have a comparable list of publication. Every higher education professional, whether faculty or staff, should be able to navigate these publications to support the mission of their institution in an informed manner.

Subject Guide

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