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Google Scholar - My Citations: Google Scholar Citations

Using the Google Scholar My Citations tool to create a publicly accessible list of your publications

What is Google Scholar Citations?

Google Scholar Citations is a tool that can be used to maintain a list of your publications. This list can be used to create a public profile of your research for sharing with others. It will also provide metrics for your publications such as citation counts, h-index, and i10-index.

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Google Scholar Citations Help

For more detailed help with Google Scholar Citations, see the Google Scholar Citations Help page:

Citation Metrics

Once you have set up your profile, you will see citation metrics for the publications included in your profile to the right of your biographical information. You can hover over each metric for a pop-up explanation of how it is calculated.

Setting Up Google Scholar Citations

You will need to a Google Account to use Google Scholar Citations. Once you have logged in to your Google Account, go to the Citations sign up form.

Google Scholar Citations Form

You can add your Drexel email address and Areas of Interest, but they are not necessary. It is important to include your full name as it will be used in the next step to find your publications.

The next step is to add your publications, which has been automated as much as possible. If you entered your full name, you should see a list of potential publications to add to your profile. You will see a few groups of publications based on alternate versions of your name.

Finding Articles

After you have added all your publications, the last set is to set up automatic updates for your profile, or choose to review updates before they are included.

Adding Other Citations

If there are any publications missing after set up, they can be added using the "+ Add" button at the top of your citation list. If citations are not being found manually, you can change the keywords in the search box to find other names or search terms. If the citation cannot be found using a Google Scholar search, it can be added manually.

Adding Articles Manually

Making Your Profile Public

Once you have created your Citations profile, you will see you biographical information at the top of the page, including an option to make your profile public.

Citations Profile

For an example of how Google Scholar Citations profiles look, see the demo profile for Richard Feynman:

Once you have made your profile public, you can add the URL into your NIH Biosketch. The URL will look something like this: