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Collection of important resources that students can use to successfully work on their design projects.

Biomedical Engineering Senior Design

Books, Handbooks, Electronic Books and Journal Articles
See: Body Synthetic - Cardiovascular Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Biomedical Mechanics(Refer to this page to explore various electronic resources that our Library subscribes).
See also ClinicalKey: New Clinical Information Tool Replacing MDConsult
Access: ClinicalKey and explore Biomechanics using ClinicalKey

Medicine by design [electronic resource] : the practice and promise of biomedical engineering
See also: Biodesign and Biodesign Innovation Process -  Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign. The biodesign innovation process has been developed to help medical technology innovators increase their likelihood of success in identifying important clinical needs, inventing new medical devices and instruments, and implementing these advances in patient care. This approach is described in detail in the book Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies.


Electronic Books

Electronic Journals

Try DragonSearch to find  peer reviewed research articles from scholarly journals. 

  • Use relevant research keywords related to your topic. 
  • For example, type Stem Cells and click on Search.
  • Refine your search results by selecting options such as 'scholarly and peer review', 'peer review'. If you are looking for only journal articles, click on 'Journal article' under 'Content Type'. 
  • Explore your results, find and access papers you need. 
  • See also: Body Synthetic - Cardiovascular Engineering, Tissue Engineering and Biomedical Mechanics

Ethics and Professional Issues

See:  Ethics for Bioengineers
See: Biomedical and Engineering Ethics
See also: Resources on Institutional Review Board Guidelines and Research Implications

See: Bioinformatics Resources

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
See: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science related resources

Patents and Medical Devices, Biomedical Technology Commercialization
See: Patents, FDA approved medical devices, and Intellectual Property
See: Biomedical Technology Commercialization

See: Engineering Standards and ASTM Medical Device Standards and Implant Standards

Theses and Dissertations:
See: ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global 

News and Recent Developments
Use the following databases to find information on business and industry related information regarding  biomedical technologies i

Supply Costs
Globalspec: Engineering Search engine

Statistical Resources

Subject Guide

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