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Going Global

To access this website, go to DrexelOne. Then click on the Coop and Career Services Tab. Once on that page you will see a link to Going Global in the box for Career Services.

Going Global provides country-specific and American city-specific career and employment information, Country and City Career Guides, H1B Visa information, employer information, internship and job listings within the United States and around the world. Also included are other resources that will help you in a co-op or job search.

Steinbright Career Development Center

For more job search resources, follow the links below to SCDC's career guides, and to Handshake, the job search portal with positions posted by employers interested in Drexel students.

On-Campus Groups

Professional Associations

Job Listings & More

Information on Companies

Use the links below to our company directories or Mergent Intellect to generate a list of potential employers.  Specify your location criteria and your industry criteria. Try one of the suggested industry codes below to specify your industry of choice. You can also search for additional SIC and NAICS codes using the links below.

Suggested Industry Codes

Use these codes when searching Mergent Intellect.

Computer Programming

SIC Codes

  • 7371- Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 73729901- Application Computer Software
  • 73729902- Business Oriented Computer Software
  • 7373- Computer Integrated Systems Design


  • 5112- Software Publishers
  • 541511- Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512- Computer Systems Design Services

Business and Finance

SIC Codes

  • 6000- Depository Institutions
  • 64110200- Insurance Adjusters
  • 64119904- Insurance Claim Processing, Except Medical
  • 64119911- Research Services, Insurance
  • 7374- Data Processing and Preparation
  • 73790202- Data Processing Consultant
  • 8721- Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping
  • 87210201- Calculating and Statistical Service
  • 87320100- Market Analysis, Business, and Economic Research
  • 89999901- Actuarial Consultant
  • 93110200- Public Finance and Monetary Policy
  • 92290100- Public Order and Safety Statistical Centers
  • 94119903- Education Statistics Center, Government
  • 94319906- Health Statistics Center, Government
  • 96119904- General Economic Statistics Agency, Government


  • 5221- Depository Credit Intermediation
  • 52211- Commercial Banking
  • 523- Finance
  • 524- Insurance Carriers and Related Activities
  • 5412- Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, & Payroll Services
  • 541214- Payroll Services
  • 54191- Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling
  • 92113- Public Finance Activities

Education and Social Services

SIC Codes

  • 67329901- Charitable Trust Management
  • 7382- Security Systems Services
  • 8211- Elementary & Secondary Schools
  • 8221- Colleges, Universities & Professional Schools
  • 8222- Junior Colleges & Technical Institutes


  • 56162- Security System Services
  • 6111- Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • 6113- Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
  • 813211- Grantmaking Foundations