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Nursing and Health Professions Careers

Including Dentistry, Nutrition, and Pharmacy


Information on Companies

Use the links below to our company directories or Mergent Intellect to generate a list of potential employers.  Specify your location criteria and your industry criteria. Try one of the suggested industry codes below to specify your industry of choice. You can also search for additional SIC and NAICS codes using the links below.

Suggested Industry Codes

Veterinary-related codes to use when searching for Information on Companies to explore work opportunities:


  • 54194: Veterinary Services


  • 0741: Veterinary livestock Services
    • 07419901: Animal hospital services, livestock
    • 07419902: Veterinarian, livestock
  • 0742: Veterinary Animal Specialties
    • 07429901: Animal hospital services, pets and other animal specialties
    • 07429902: Veterinarian, animal specialties