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Elementary Education: Elementary Education

K-6 General Education Resources

Finding statistics & evidence-based research

Finding research methods

  • Little Green Books
  • Little Blue Books
  • Even videos!

Find it through the keyword search - or for important context browse using the "Methods Map."

Finding articles

For scholarly articles, see the following databases.

Finding definitions and background

Encyclopedia of Education -- includes articles that cover policy and curriculum issues; learning; assessment; standards; history and culture; legislation; and profiles of organizations, schools, and people.

Cambridge encyclopedia of child development   --  an authoritative, accessible and up-to-date account of all aspects of child development. Written by an international team of leading experts, it adopts an interdisciplinary approach and covers everything from prenatal development to education, pediatrics, neuroscience, theories and research methods to physical development, social development, cognitive development, psychopathology and parenting.


Sample Assignment

"Find five articles, one for each of the following topics: physical education, cognitive education, language education, social emotional education, adaptive education"

1.) Look up each topic as a single concept in the ERIC Thesaurus - see how each relates to a "descriptor" or official tag or indexing term.

2.) Note the variations on the term, and related descriptors. Explore one or more, noticing how the "Scope Notes" or definitions can clarify your search.

3.)  If you find a descriptor look for the link on the page to "Search collection using this descriptor"

4.) Once you have searched the collection using a descriptor, notice how many results you have gotten. To narrow results use the left-hand navigation panel to filter by clicking on additional relevant descriptors.

5.) Finally, narrow for your age or grade level using a filter further down on the left hand side menu
in the k-4 grade levels