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Drexel Library

Arts and Community Health

Resources in support of the Graduate Minor in Arts and Community Health

Selected Ebooks

The following ebooks are available through Drexel Libraries collections;

Barnes, H. (2014;2013;). Arts activism, education, and therapies: Transforming communities across africa. Amsterdam: Editions Rodopi.

Bithell, C. (2014). A different voice, a different song: Reclaiming community through the natural voice and world song. New York;Oxford;: Oxford University Press. doi:10.1093/acprof:oso/9780199354542.001.0001

Clift, S. (2005). Arts and health. Bradford, England: Emerald Group Pub.

Fancourt, D. (2017). Arts in health: Designing and researching interventions (First ed.). Oxford;New York, NY;: Oxford University Press.

Kim, S. C. H., Kollontai, P., & Yore, S. (2015;2016;). Mediating peace: Reconciliation through visual art, music and film (1st Unabridg ed.). Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Knowles, J. G., & Cole, A. L. (2008;2007;). Handbook of the arts in qualitative research: Perspectives, methodologies, examples, and issues. London;Los Angeles [Calif.];: SAGE.

MacDonald, R. A. R., Kreutz, G., & Mitchell, L. (2012). Music, health, and wellbeing. New York;Oxford;: Oxford University Press.

Minkler, M. (2012). Community organizing and community building for health and welfare (3rd ed.). New Brunswick, N.J: Rutgers University Press.


Key databases for research

Receommended Interdisciplinary Databases

Arts and community health or wellness will not fit neatly into subject disciplines. While some literature will be found through the subject-specialized databases listed above, researchers will find it necessary to search some broader, or "interdisciplinary" databases as well.

Resources for Writers