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Drexel Library

University Archives Drexel Family Research Guide

Use this guide if you are interested in learning about the Drexel family.

Family Register

This text-searchable register genealogy of the descendants of Francis Martin Drexel (1792-1863) and Katherine Hookey (1795-1870) uses the de Villiers/Pama Numbering System, which gives letters to generations, and then numbers children in birth order. For example, in the Drexel register Saint Katharine Drexel is numbered A2B2C2, meaning she is the second child of the second child (Francis Anthony, B2) of Francis Martin Drexel (A2), who was the second child born in his family.

Work on the register is ongoing and periodically updated. Highlighted names or dates indicate uncertainty where more research is needed.

Family Trees

These files are found in the Genealogical material series in the MC-00-001 Drexel family collection and many were created for the 1991 Drexel family reunion.