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Wolfram Alpha: Home

Wolfram Alpha and Mathematica introduction

How to Get Wolfram Alpha and Mathematica

For new accounts and software downloads, log into the following College of Engineering page using your Drexel credentials:

For help with first time registration and installation contact Wolfram Tech Support at 

Faculty may contact Drexel University Online's Learning Technology Group for more about interactive visualizations for instruction.

Contact the Liaison Librarians listed on the side of this page to get an introductory orientation to using Wolfram tools.

Wolfram Alpha's Popular Features

FYI - The Practice Problem Generator and Step-by-Step Solutions require Drexel-affiliated users to sign into their WolframAlpha Pro account.

About Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is called a “computational knowledge engine” that supplies curated structured data via web search or API and supplies the data licensed to Apple behind its Siri product.

Getting Started

STEP ONE: Get Acquainted with Wolfram Alpha

  • Wolfram Alpha is called a “computational knowledge engine” that supplies curated, structured data via web search or API. It is the data licensed to Apple for Siri.
  • Browse a few topical areas in their EXAMPLES that are familiar to you to get a sense of the types of data it contains and the mathematical operations it can perform on these data.

How To Cite Wolfram Alpha Data

Author/Site: Wolfram|Alpha
Publisher: Wolfram Alpha LLC
URL: (The exact URL for your query string)
Retrieval date: (The date that you performed your query)

A sample citation would be:
Wolfram Alpha LLC. 2016. Wolfram|Alpha. (access June 10, 2016).

See the Purdue OWL page on citing electronic sources for further APA and MLA guidance about citing data.
(Note: MLA no longer requires the use of URLs in MLA citations.)

See this  WolframAlpha FAQ for further information about the sources and peer-reviewed status of the WolframAlpha data.

About Wolfram Mathematica

Mathematica is a symbolic computation platform that is used across many engineering fields for data processing and visualizations among other things. It employs high-level commands that more closely resemble scripting than conventional programming.  The publicly available "lite" version, Wolfram CDF Player, is provided for running Mathematica programs and interactive visualizations that have been saved in the Computable Document Format (CDF). See elsewhere on this page for details on how to get the full Drexel site-licensed "author-ware" version of Mathematica for coding original work.


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