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Drexel Library

Primary Source Collections

A selection of databases owned or subscribed to by Drexel Libraries (or open access) that contain primary source materials.

What is a Primary Source?

"Primary sources are the raw materials of history — original documents and objects that were created at the time under study. They are different from secondary sources, accounts that retell, analyze, or interpret events, usually at a distance of time or place. "  (Library of Congress, "Getting Started with Primary Sources"


The Primary Sources available through Gale include:

  • Archives of Sexuality and Gender
  • Indigenous People of North America
  • Womens Studies Archive
  • The Economist Historical Archive (content from 1843 to 2015)
  • Archives Unbound Collections:
    • Final Accountability Rosters of Japanese-American Relocation Centers, 1944-1946
    • Japanese American Internment: Records of the Franklin d. Roosevelt Library (Executive Order 9066)
    • Personal Justice Denied: Public Hearings of the commission on Wartime Relocation and Interment, 1981
    • U.S. Military Activities and Civil Rights: The Little Rock Integration Crisis, 1957-1958
    • U.S. Military Activities and Civil Rights: The Military Response to the March on Washington, 1963