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Going Global

To access this website, go to DrexelOne. Then click on the Coop and Career Services Tab. Once on that page you will see a link to Going Global in the box for Career Services.

Going Global provides country-specific and American city-specific career and employment information, Country and City Career Guides, H1B Visa information, employer information, internship and job listings within the United States and around the world. Also included are other resources that will help you in a co-op or job search.

Country Information

Company Directories

Use these databases to generate lists of companies in China.

Visa & Work Authorization

Job Listings & More

Check out the International Job Listings and Job Listings by Country on the International Job Search research guide for additional resources.


Most work placement programs offer accommodation assistance, but in case you need to find housing for yourself, here are some places you may want to look:


Disclaimer: Many of the following resources are from third-party organizations, and we cannot verify or be responsible for your use of their services.

Work Placement Programs

Find more programs by using one of our directories.