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English 101, 102, 103 - Faculty Guide: Home

Guide specifically for Freshman English Instructors with activities, assignments, and ways to integrate information literacy and library research skills into assignments and coursework.

Guides for Students

Learning Modules

Tutorials for Students

The first tutorials listed are most relevant to first year English.

Activities & Assignments

Assignments and activities below are grouped by the outcome or skill they are targeted to addressing.  If you need specific content for blackboard contact Elise Ferer.

Introduction to Research - Start Here

These resources are your best bets, good tools and exercises for your students to start using and learning about library resources and research.

Lesson Plans, Activities, & Assignments

Lessons to address are listed to address specific outcomes or skills in English 101 & 102.  Files include content that can be used in a classroom, in blackboard, or as an assignment.  If you need specific content for blackboard contact Elise Ferer.

Librarian for Undergraduate Learning

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Elise Ferer
Drexel University Libraries
W. W. Hagerty Library, Rm 125
3300 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Tel: 215.571.4288

Librarian Visit - Policy

It is the policy of Drexel University Libraries to offer additional support in terms of a class with and/or visit to the library to sections that are offereed specifically for English Language Learners.  Because there are too few librarians to offer this service to every section of English 101, 102, and 103 the resources on this page have been developed to meet the needs of these sections in other ways.

Instructors are encouraged to send students to a librarian for help, work with a librarian on how to teach the use of library resources and information literacy skills, and book a classroom in the library for a class visit.

Other Information and Links

Framework Mapping