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Photography Guide

Subject Guide for Photography


Note: Images are information and the intellectual property of their creator. When using images in academic papers and presentations we must attribute the work to its creator and cite it as we would a print or electronic resource. If you have questions about how to cite images, please contact your librarian. 



In general, the following details are necessary for any image citation, no matter which citation style you choose:

  • The title of the image, if applicable. For example, this could be the title of the artwork or, if it's a media image, the original caption.
  • The name of the image's creator.
  • The repository of the image. This is the institution that owns the original: the museum, the library, the archive, the individual, etc.
  • The source. This could be a database such as ARTstor, a Web site, a book, etc.
  • The date you accessed the image. This is most important for Web sources, which can be quite ephemeral.

Copied from the Berkeley Library Image Research Guide: