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English Language Learners: Home

For Teacher Education courses focusing on teaching English as a second language, aka: ESL, ELL, TESOL, non-native English speakers

Videos on ESL Teaching

See this link for results from searching the term "English Language Learners" in the database of classroom demonstration videos called "Education in Video."

And see this link for results from searching for the keyword "ESL" in the database of documentaries called "Academic Video Online."

Websites Elsewhere

Resource sites as well as examples of schools with exemplary ESL initiatives:

Finding Journal Articles

Finding Data on Your School

Demographics on your school:

Philadelphia School District "School Finder" page - find detailed records on individual schools and school catchment areas.

National Center for Education Statistics "Global Locator" - look up individual schools by name, or groups of schools by zip code, city etc

Census Language Mapper - Look up the languages spoken in your area.

SABINS data for broader research projects requiring geographic information systems (GIS) files covering catchment areas for the whole United States. (limited to 2011). Contact your librarian if you require assistance.

Selected Scholarly Journal Titles on ESL

Research Methods for ESL