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The scholarly and technical literature

Technical Manuals and Handbooks

For those times when you need the comprehensive background of a technical manual to go beyond what a quick Google search will find, see the following links to ebooks in our SkillSoft (aka SkillPort) collection that correspond to coding languages taught in each of the undergraduate courses listed:

Sample E-Books for CCI Coding Courses
Course# SkillSoft Link OReilly Safari Link
171 C++ C++   or    "C++ AND python"
172 Python Python AND begin*
190 (could be any language) (any language)
260 Math theory. Data structures. Programming basic algorithms Data structures, basic algorithms
265  Advanced programming, programming tools, shell linux, scripting Advanced programming, shell linux, scripting
270 Computational discrete math, sets, proofs and logic computational discrete math, sets, proofs, logic
275 Web services, API's, web technologies, stack, bootstrap, angular, node js Web services, API's, stack, bootstrap, angular, node js
281 Software architecture, VHDL Software architecture, VHDL
283 systems software, gnu debugger, C language systems software, gnu debugger, C language
350 Object oriented software design, and Java Object oriented software design, and Java
360 Programming language theory, how they are parsed, how compilers work, flex and bison (lex and yacc) parsing Programming language theory, parsing, compilers, flex and bison (lex and yacc)

Finding Books

Morgan & Claypool Synthesis "Lectures" in Computer & Information Science (link below)
Timely, short introductory-level summaries of under a hundred pages written by thought leaders in the field at the undergraduate level on specialized topics within computer and information science. The DRM-free downloads are suitable for use as textbooks for undergrad and graduate level courses.

Finding Articles

Need a quick overview of computing topics? See the 2012 ACM Computing Classification System. Available in either interactive or flat presentations.  For background on their system see their introduction.

Getting Oriented - Finding Definitions

IGI Global - Special Topic Encyclopedias -- Hundreds of entries in forty specialty titles such as "Business Analytics" and "Mobile Phone Behavior." See IGI's full list of books and scroll down to the titles beginning with the word "Encyclopedia" or try this keyword search in our main library book catalog IGI and encyclopedia.