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Resources for Public Health Community-based Masters Projects and Masters Papers

CBMP and Masters Papers in the Library Repository (iDEA)

Drexel Libraries' iDEA Repository provides archiving of, and digital access to, the scholarly work of Drexel University faculty and students. The repository contains theses, dissertations, and Masters Project papers (such as the CBMPs) completed as requirements for doctoral and graduate degrees, making them available to the international research community.

To submit your paper to the iDEA Repository, please use the information and links found here:

DSPH Papers in iDEA Repository

Browse papers by Dornsife School of Public Health students previously archived in the iDEA Repository.

Data Sources

Citing Data Sets

Example (APA 6th edition, generated by EndNote):

Nietert, P. J., Sutherland, S. E., Bachman, D. L., Keil, J. E., Gazes, P., & Boyle, E. (2010). Charleston Heart Study, 1960-2000. Retrieved from:

The Dreaded Literature Review

"  A literature review is a descriptive and/or analytic summary of the existing material relating to some topic orarea of study. The term also refers to the process of producing such a review. "  From:  Methods Map: Literature review: SAGE Research Methods

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