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What are Mendeley Groups

Mendeley Groups allow you to share and collaborate with other researchers with Mendeley accounts. You can create your own groups in Mendeley Desktop or Mendeley Web. Mendeley Web will also allow you to search, join, and follow groups.

Types of Groups

  • Open: An open group will allow anyone to contribute, become a member, or follow.
  • Invite-Only: This group will allow you to share references, but not files, and can be viewed publicly.
  • Private: Private groups allow you to share files and annotations between members. These groups are not visible to others outside the private group. You can make your group "read only" or give members privileges to edit your group

Creating Groups and Adding References


You can create Groups in Mendeley Desktop or Mendeley Web      
Add references to the Group by dragging them from your Mendeley Library
This Mendeley Minute will show you how it's done.



Joining and Following Groups

You can learn more about a topic by joining and following other groups. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Log into your Mendeley Web account and click the +Join a Group link in the bottom left column of your dashboard.  Search for Groups  by keyword or subject. You can only join Public Groups without an invitation.
  • Accept  invitations from other Mendeley Users to join their Group
  • When viewing a group in Mendeley Desktop or Web, use the Documents tab to view the shared references, and the Members tab to view or invite members.