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ESRI Community Analyst and Business Analyst Online: Home

ESRI Community Analyst and Business Analyst Online

Instructions for access

STEP 1: Request Access

From your Drexel email account, contact the Drexel IRT Helpdesk at

You must request by name *either* or *both*

a.) the ESRI Community/Business Analyst Online access, *or*

b.) ESRI Desktop Software access

IRT will reply with ESRI login information consisting of an ID and password (that you can change after your initial login).


STEP 2: Log In

Proceed to the ESRI database of your choice to log in:

ESRI Business Analyst Online

ESRI Community Analyst

Or, if you requested the ESRI desktop software, proceed to download that from the IRT server:



More information and contact details available here:

Restrictions: The online “Analyst” products may be used by students and faculty for instructional purposes and other student learning activities. They may not be used for commercial or funded research purposes.