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Drexel COVID-19 Resource Hub: University Resources to Support Remote Teaching, Learning & Working: Resources for Employees

Compilation of Drexel resources & communications regarding COVID-19
This page includes a compilation of resources and information intended for all Drexel employees.

Connect Remotely to Drexel Resources & Services

HR Communications Playbook

The Drexel Communications Playbook for Faculty and Professional Staff is a list of quick links to communications-related resources designed to help you navigate the internal communication channels, policies and processes at Drexel University.

Access Drexel Resources from Off Campus

Drexel faculty, professional staff, and students may access Drexel resources and services remotely in the event of campus closure. Drexel IT provides information and guidance for connecting to various remote applications, including University email, OneDrive, Drexel Learn and more.

Technology Resources

Drexel IT Technology Resources

This Drexel IT website explains the technology tools available to faculty and professional staff and the situations where each tool is best suited. Consult this page for information on Collaborate Ultra, Zoom, and Teams. You’ll also find guidance on the limits of each service, suggestions to handling large events, and ways to request support. The IT website also provides guidance on how to connect remotely to Drexel resources and services.


Drexel IT Events & Training Sessions

A complete list of events Drexel IT offers is available on their website. All sessions are offered both In-Person and via Webcast, unless otherwise noted. To sign up for any of these events, please log into Career Pathway, which is in Drexel One under the 'Employee' tab.


Drexel IT Scam Updates & Notices

Drexel IT publishes updates and information to advise community members about the heightened danger of cyberthreats and how to work from home securely during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Drexel University Instructional Technology Blog

Find posts and documentation about Drexel Learn, Camtasia, Collaborate, Kaltura, and all other supported instructional technologies.


Web Conferencing Options

Drexel University has a number of web conferencing services that can be used to meet with large or small groups of students, faculty, or staff online; facilitate online synchronous courses; present lectures or talks; hold online meetings with participants in different locations and collaborate with colleagues.


Other Resources

Understanding the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission Indoors

Drexel environmental engineering researchers have provided insight on what is and isn’t known and what can be reasonably inferred about how the coronavirus is transmitted in the air.

5 Lessons We Can Learn from COVID

From being respectful to practicing empathy, there are ways to grow as a person from the pandemic, according to Anne Converse Willkomm, assistant clinical professor and department head of graduate studies in the Goodwin College of Professional Studies.

Drexel HR: Best Practices for Working Remotely

To help ease the transition to working remotely, Drexel Human Resources has compiled tips and tools that are considered best practices for remote work.


Drexel HR: Learning from Home Trainings

Drexel Human Resources is offering various "learning from home trainings" sessions via Career Pathways. Sessions include managing conflict, leadership, professional productivity and more.


LeBow College of Business: Four Tips for Productive & Positive Virtual Meetings

With remote working and learning taking place across much of the globe, Assistant Professor of Management Lauren D'Innocenzo, PhD, shares some tips for keeping your virtual meetings on track and on time.

Using Drexel Zoom

University-wide License for Zoom

Drexel provides a University-wide license for Zoom, the online meeting and video-conferencing service with built-in collaboration tools and team chat. In addition to HD video, Zoom offers telephone-only and reservations-less conferencing.


Zoom Best Practices

Zoom users can customize settings to better meet their meeting needs. Drexel IT recommends several features to enhance your control over meetings and participant actions


Zoom Training Sessions

Zoom Training sessions are also available through DUIT.


How to Mitigate Zoom Bombing

Zoom-bombing is when someone joins and disrupts your meeting with inappropriate audio, video or screen sharing content. Drexel IT offers zips on what to do before, during, and after a Zoom-bombing incident. 

Moving Videos from Zoom to Kaltura

beginning on June 1, 2020, Zoom will begin to automatically delete Drexel recordings older than 18 weeks. For longer-term retention of recordings, you can move your recordings to Kaltura (also known as Drexel Streams), the university's primary video streaming service.

Step-by-step instructions for moving videos from Zoom to Kaltura can be found on the Instructional Technology Blog.

Guidelines for Managing Employees Remotely

Drexel faculty and staff should contact their HR Business Partner with questions related to your work environment and resources available to the campus community.

Tips and information for managing remotely are also available on Drexel's COVID-19 response page.

Accounts Payable & Procurement Resources

Direct Deposit

Faculty and staff should consider Direct Deposit if you are currently receiving a paper check. Instructions are provided on the Office of the Comptroller's website.

Purchasing & Expense Management Guidelines

Follow the purchasing and expense management guidelines previously issued by Accounts Payable and Procurement Services.


P-card Program

Effective Friday, March 27, 2020, Drexel suspended its P-Card program until further notice.

Employee Assistance & Counseling

Be sure to take care of yourself and each other, and know when and how to seek help. Drexel offers an Employee Assistance Program administered by Lincoln that provides confidential, 24/7 counseling online or via toll-free phone call. For more information, please call 888.628.4824 or view the Lincoln Employee Assistance Program Brochure [PDF].

Feedback & Suggestions

Please send any feedback, questions and additional information to include in this resource to