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ACCT/FIN_420: Cannabis: Challenges and Opportunities

Recommended resources for ACCT/FIN 420

Library Subscription Databases

***Drexel’s Legal Research Center currently subscribes. As of March 2020: non-Law students have access to a subset of content from on campus or through Drexel VPN. However, the LRC was considering canceling the subscription access for non-Law users so verify that non-Law access is still available before including this database in the published version of this library guide.***

- search for cannabis

-In Focus: Cannabis (news, guidance, and practice tools on recreational and medical marijuana legislation)

Content includes: State Cannabis Laws, State Rulemaking, Tax Developments, Cannabis Litigation, Legal Analysis, Legal Insights, Practical Guidance, Chart Builders, News, U.S. and Canadian Cannabis Company Profiles, etc.

-search for cannabis

-results for this search pertain to U.S. and Canadian geographies

Content includes: laws (including tax law), proposed legislation, regulations, legal cases, IRS materials

-search for cannabis

-coverage includes U.S. and Canada

–search for: cannabis

Results include: legal cases, statutes, regulations, legislation, legal briefs, secondary source material