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Library Resources and Services for Remote Teaching: Lesson Plans

When to Cite Sources

Citations Lesson Plan Icon - Projector with quoted text

Students often know to cite sources that they quote, but don't always know to attribute paraphrases and summaries as well. This lesson plan will help students practice the different circumstances in which citation is necessary.

Access the Using Citations Lesson Plan


Searching Lesson Plan icon - Projector with magnifying glass

Searching for popular and scholarly resources is a fundamental skill that students need to know to research effectively. This lesson plan will help students navigate the Library's searching ecosystem and practice search techniques on their own.

Access the Searching Lesson Plan

Evaluating Information

Evaluation Lesson Plan icon - Projector with shield and check mark

One of the chief challenges faced by students conducting research is evaluating the authority and credibility of their sources in a sea of options. This lesson plan helps students ask questions of their sources on authorship, currency, and influence.

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Custom Lesson Plans

Interested in working with us directly? We can help you create a custom lesson plan and assessment to prepare your students to conduct research, on topics such as: academic integrity, data literacy, evaluating credibility, search strategies, and more.

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