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Information Explorers: Learning Community


Information Explorer Reflection: 

Write an informal reflection on how the skills you developed in the Information Explorer program will help you meet personal and professional goals (500 words). Touch on at least three of the following benefits of the literacies you have developed through the IE program: 

  • Recognize that learning is a process and that reflecting on errors or mistakes leads to new insights and discoveries  

  • Assess learning to determine both the knowledge gained and the gaps in understanding.  

  • Recognize that critical thinking depends upon knowledge of a subject and actively pursue deeper understanding through inquiry and research  

  • Value persistence, adaptability, and flexibility in lifelong learning 

  • Adapt to new learning situations while being flexible about the varied approaches to learning 

  • Adapt to and understand new technologies and the impact they have on learning 

  • Effectively communicate and collaborate in shared spaces to learn from multiple perspectives 

  • Engage in informed, self-directed learning that encourages a broader worldview through the global reach of today’s social media environment 

  • Apply metaliteracy learning as a lifelong value and practice