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Drexel Library

Information Explorers: Learning Community


Welcome to your activity guide for your first year in the Information Explorers Learning Community. Use the menu on the left to navigate through the guide pages to locate links to resources curated by your librarians to assist in the discovery, analysis, and creation of information. If you have any questions, need further direction, or would like to discuss your research from the exploratory phase or at any point through the conception and editing process, please contact your assigned mentor or the Information Explorer Program Manager. 


Explore (being curious and asking the right questions)

Question (determine what kind of information is needed and where to access it)

Search (locate in and retrieve information from a source)

Critique (critical analysis of an information source)

Consider (position information in within its constructs and contexts)

Reason (consider information logically and ethically)

Inquire (develop a strategy for informed inquiry)

Converse (use information sources and information tools to comprehend and communicate knowledge)

Create (synthesize existing information and produce new knowledge)

Share (make new knowledge available)