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For Users of the EndNote Citation Management Software

Drexel's Video Tutorial and Setup Slides

Configure Preferences to "Find Full Text"

STEP TWO (after installing EndNote Desktop)

1.    From the Edit menu:
             select "Preferences"

2.    In the Preferences window:
            select "Find Full Text"

3.    Copy/ paste the following url's:

            Into "OpenURL Path"

            Into "Authenticate with URL"

Then, to use the find full text feature, RIGHT-CLICK on a citation or group of selected citations, and select "Find Full Text."

  • IF the full-text is available
  • AND accessible to EndNote through Drexel Libraries’ e-journal collections
  • THEN the PDF will be attached to the citation!

EndNote Guides Elsewhere

About EndNote

EndNote is a citation management software developed by Thomson-Reuters and site licensed through Drexel University IT. With EndNote you can...

  • Save references from databases and websites
  • Organize items with tags and folders
  • Attach notes, links, and files
  • Create in-text citations and bibliographies from within MSWord

Getting Started

Desktop Software vs. Web Account

You have several options:   EndNote Desktop   OR    EndNote Web  OR    BOTH! 

If you have never used a citation management solution before, Drexel Libraries recommends using EndNote Web to get started.

Users prepared to install the EndNote desktop software will enjoy addtional features of the desktop software, such as automatic downloading of full-text and more collaborative options. A few additional setup steps are required to get the most out of the desktop version, as described elsewhere on this page.

The option to have both an EndNote Web account and an EndNote desktop installation permits the widest number of options for users who want to synchronize their citations between versions.  

Synchronizing Desktop and Online Accounts

1. From the "Edit" menu choose "Preferences"

2. From the pop-up window, select the option for "Sync"


When Your Paper Is Finished ...

When you use EndNote to insert citations into your paper, you see the text of the citations and the reference list – if you print the paper out, that’s exactly what you get.  But those citations actually include coding that links to your EndNote library. If you send someone a digital copy of your paper (such as when you submit it via TurnItIn), that coding is going to make your citations appear as gibberish.

 So there’s another step that you need to take when you’ve finished your paper –

 1.       Save your file (you’re doing this every 10 minutes or so anyway, right?  RIGHT??)

2.       In the EndNote toolbar, look for the “Convert Citations and Bibliography” pulldown, and select “Convert to Plain Text”  (no, it isn’t going to remove all the lovely formatting from your paper – just the coding for those citation links).

3.       Save the file with a new name – this is now the file that you want to submit online.

4.       Make sure that you keep (and backup) BOTH files – if you need to go back and revise your paper you want to open the UNCONVERTED version, so that the citations can be updated as needed.


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